About Us​

Hamdani Consultancy is a leading educational consultancy specializing in facilitating admissions to foreign universities. Our experienced team provides personalized guidance to aspiring students, navigating the complexities of international admissions. Committed to excellence, we offer tailored support in the application process, ensuring a seamless journey for students seeking education abroad. Trusted for our expertise and client-centric approach, Hamdani Consultancy opens doors to global opportunities, making academic aspirations a reality.

Our Mission

Hamdani Consultancy is on a mission to empower students in realizing their global academic ambitions. Our focus is to simplify the complexities of international admissions, providing tailored support for a seamless process. Committed to excellence, we aim to be trusted partners, guiding students toward success in their chosen educational paths and contributing to their personal and professional growth.

Our Team

A short introduction to our Team

Syed Muhammad Raza

Director Operations - Pakistan

Dr. Javed Iqbal

Director Operations - Central Asia & East Europe

Sami ul Hassan

Regional Managing Officer - Lahore

M. Faizan

Regional Managing Officer - Jhang

Fakhar Abbas

Regional Managing Officer - Jhang

Junaid Khan

Regional Managing Officer - Sargodha

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